Welcome to the Schurz Choice Coordinator Site

From this site, you will be able to download wellness campaign materials and share wellness ideas to use at your locations. Please use the tabs above to guide you through the site.

If you have questions about this website, please contact Kim Hamm at the Schurz Choice Care Line at (877) 919-WELL.

What’s happening in the fourth quarter…

We’ll be running the “FREEZE” wellness challenge during the fourth quarter. As we all have probably experienced, the holidays can make it hard to watch your waistline. While most people gain one to two pounds over the holidays, you don’t have to be one of them! Join the Freeze Challenge to try to maintain your weight instead of gaining it. Weigh in at the challenge kick-off, and then track your weight weekly for 8 weeks on the activity tracker. Read the weekly flyers for tips to help you maintain your weight. Once the challenge ends, you’ll weigh out to get your results. The goal of the Freeze Challenge is to help you maintain your current weight (or even lose a few pounds) during the holiday season. Print the Wellness Affidavit to record this and any other wellness activities you completed and turn it in to the Wellness Committee member at your location or submit it via email to schurzchoice@workingwell4you.com.

We encourage you to download the  Q4 challenge materials here and distribute them to your employees! If you have any questions about the campaign, please contact Kim Hamm at the Care Line at (877) 919-WELL.