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  • This is another idea we’re doing right now. It’s such a win-win for the Humane Society and for our employees who get to wear jeans and also get a wellness point.

    Cindy Albin and Jan Baker had the idea and developed the language.

    Casual (Jeans) Thursday for the Humane Society of Washington County – plus earn one Wellness Point for participating.

    Antietam Cable is sponsoring a Casual (Jeans) Thursday on April 19th to benefit our local Humane Society. The Humane Society of Washington County is in desperate need of the following items:

    Bags of Pedigree Dog or Puppy Food
    Bags of Purina Cat or Kitten Chow

    In addition, we will accept a minimum $5 cash donation in lieu of a bag of food.

    In order to participate, donations must be received no later than April 19th. Bring your donated items to Jan Baker in the 990 building or Cindy Albin in the 1000 building. All donated items will be taken to the Humane Society on April 20th. This counts as a social wellness activity so all participants will receive one Wellness point.

    Wear your jeans to work and support a worthy cause PLUS earn a Wellness Point!

    Please see Jan or Cindy A with any questions and thanks for participating!

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